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Hi, My name is Y. S.YOW [], I am an Australian author. A very warm welcome to my website.

This is a website designed to help people understand the Chinese language and culture in English, without the need of any Chinese character software or platform. It is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of ethnic Chinese throughout the world, ethnic Chinese citizens or residents who would like to know more about their own heritage.

We hope that our website serves as a source of information to those, though no fault of their own, were deprived of an environment to know or learn their own language or practice their culture. Those who seek to find out what their surname or name means, or where their dialect comes from, we seek to deliver the basic background information; those who would like to know in simple English terms, common habits, customs, culture, historical perspectives, Chinese zodiac interpretations, philosophy and outlook, will find this site a valuable resource.

Last but not least, we seek to serve as a guide for the wider community to understand the ethnic Chinese, either as neighbours, colleagues, church members, team members, classmates, partners or simply as friends. It is also useful for anyone involved in retail business, import or export trade, diplomatic missions, government agencies or departments, .

Let us share with you some of my thoughts, viewpoints and ideas.

Feel free to check your name in Chinese characters, what your Chinese name means, top 100 Chinese surnames, learn a few proverbs, appreciate a poem or two, read one of the numerous topics that interests you from the book, or browse through one of my articles.

Please send me an email should you have any comments.

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