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Some of these topics are all taken from various chapters of the book. Others are presented as articles.

Chinese Calendar segments (Chapter 9) Chinese Fonts (Chapter 3)
Chinese names (Chapter 2) Chinese Nostradamus (Chapter 6)
Chinese Taboo (Chapter 7) Chinese Zodiac (Chapter 9)
Digital Era of the Chinese language (Chapter 3) Digital Era of the Chinese language
Family relationships (Chapter 8) Fleets to the West (Chapter 5)
Hakkas (Chapter 4) Hokkien (Chapter 4)
Intonation (Chapter 3)
Opium War and Hong Kong (Chapter 5)
Pictograms (Chapter 3) Poetry (Chapter 6)
Profiling the ethnic Chinese (chapter 1)    Proverbs (Chapter 6)
Salutations Simplified Chinese (Chapter 3)
Sunzi's Art of War (Chapter 6) Sunzi's Art of War
Top 100 Chinese surnames (Chapter 2)
Understanding Chinese names
Words of congratulations (Chapter 6) Word Structure (Chapter 3)

yin-yang conundrum (Chapter 8)

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