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40 years of Australia-China diplomatic relationship

4th anniversary of WA Hakka Association
Art of Human relationshio) (2013) Art of War (2013)
ASEAN (2006)      Asian Dimension (2006)
Australia Day (2012) Australia Day (2013)
Australia China Friendship Society celebrates dragon boat festival (2013)
Capacity building (2014) Caring for the elderly (2011)
Chinese culture (2011)    Chinese names (2011)   
Chinese New Year (2014) Chinese surnames (2012)   
Chinese word radicals (2012) Chung Wah and the 1911 revolution (2011)
Chung Wah Autumn Centre part 1 (2015) Chung Wah galaxy (2010)
Coupled poems (2013) Cultural profile (2011)
Digital era of Chinese language (2012)
Energy healing (2013) Ethnic Chinese Profile (2006)
Four legendary Chinese beauties (2012)
Gender equality (2014) Gough Whitlam - a defining Australian personality (2014)
Hoy Poy family and Chung Wah Association (2011) Hunan nature and resilience in the face of natural disaster (2011)    
In the name of Chung Wah (2012) Independent, not Eurocentric Australia (1997)    
Inspirations from Chinese classics (2012) Inspirations from WA Zhejiang relationship (2012)
Mid Autumn Festival (2014) Moon Chow, the first Chinese in Western Australia (2014)
Multicultural Australia (1996) 
Politics and the WA Chinese community (2010) 

Salute to mothers (2012)

Second generation migrants (1997)

The Silk Road (2006)

Sunzi and race relations (2011)

Towards an Asian literate Australia (1998)
Understanding Chinese zodiacs (2012) Ushering in the year of the goat / sheep (2015)
Western Australia and Asia (2006) Western Australia and Zhejiang connectivity (2013)
What constitutes Asia (2006)

Zen of cultivating the roots - Caigentan, a book on self-cultivation (2013)



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