Chinese Dimensions
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1. General
2. Naming System
3. Language
 4. Origin of Overseas Chinese
 5. History
 6. Literature
 7. Cultural aspects
 8. Ancient paradigms
 9. Pillars of destiny
 10. I-Ching
  Chinese names
  Chinese Nostradamus
  Chinese profile
  Common Chinese surnames
  Congratulatory wordings
  Calendar segments
  Digital Era
  Family relationships
  Fengshui representation
  Fleet to the West
  Hong Kong
  Simplified Chinese
  Sunzi's Art of War
  Word Structure















Dr Y.S. Yow was active in Chung Wah Association . He was the editor of Chung Wah news for several years, when he wrote numerous editorials and articles about the Chinese community in Western Australia. His writings reveal a deep understanding of the Chinese migrants in multi-cultural Australia, in particular their position as a minority group. His considered opinions were well received and respected.

He was also the chairperson of the Chung Wah Chinese community language schools. Through his work in the Western Australian Ethnic School council, Dr Yow acquired a good appreciation of the teaching of the Chinese language to both Chinese and non Chinese children in our community.

He has served as our representative in the “Western Australian Ethnic Community Council” which collectively represents various ethnic groups in Western Australia. In this role, he gained a good insight into the contribution of ethnic communities to the development of Australia.

I understand that Dr Yow was also the founding chairman of the “Perth-Nanjing Friendship City” committee, initiated by the City of Perth to foster friendship between the two cities. Chung Wah Association was represented on this committee.

Dr Yow was the author of the “Chinese people” for the “Living in Harmony” seminars, run by the Western Australian Chinese Chamber of Commerce to promote community understanding.

Dr Yow’s latest publication, The Chinese Dimension: Their Roots, Mindset, Psyche, provides useful and valuable information on the Chinese people, their history, culture and mindset. I am confident that it would serve as a valuable source of information for both the Chinese as well as the wider Australian community, in particular the younger generation. On behalf of the Chung Wah Association I would like to congratulate Dr Yow on yet another mile-stone achievement in his relentless and illustrious contribution towards the goal of building a truly multicultural Australia.


Richard W C Tan JP

President, Chung Wah Association,

Western Australia

January 2005

Message from Mr. Wilson Wu

President, Western Australia Chinese Chamber
of Commerce and Industry

    I have known Dr Yit Seng Yow for over ten years. He is a professional who has shown an interest in China, an author in Chinese culture. He is fluent in Chinese (Mandarin) and English and has a good understanding of the intricacies of Chinese thinking and business etiquette.

Dr Yow has been contributing in many ways to the Western Australian Chinese Chamber of Commerce’s numerous activities. He was the author of “The Chinese People”, based on which the Chamber organised seminars, as part of the “Living in Harmony” program. He also sits on our “China Desk” committee and assists in promoting trade and investment opportunities between China and Western Australia.

Our Chamber is emerging as a significant “resource” for Western Australian businesses tapping into China’s huge and rapidly growing economy. It is therefore vital that entrepreneurs dealing with China have a good understanding of Chinese culture.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone intending to do business with China or overseas Chinese in this region. I am sure you will find this a most useful and enjoyable journey!

Our heartiest congratulations to Dr Yow on the successful launch of this book.



Wilson Wu



15 September 2004

Message from Dr. Eric Tan

A Prominent Ethnic Chinese in Australia

  This book is a most useful source of information on things Chinese and should be of great interest to those seeking to understand Chinese Culture. It is highly recommended.

 Congratulations and all the best.


Dr Eric Tan

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