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The Western world would name their children from a list of establ­ished names such as Peter, François, Günther, Carlos, or Antonio. The Chinese on the other hand could create unique names by choosing characters from a vast selection of vocabulary that gives meanings. It is like being able to create a name for your children or yourself by choosing any word from the vocabulary.

In the Chinese language there is a wide choice of words that could be coined as names, though in practice some words are used more often than others. Other than inherited surname, it is an art to choose suitable and meaningful words as names.

Embedded in most Chinese names are the parents’ aspirations and hopes for their children. Since a person is addressed by his name through­out his life, whether he or she likes it or not, his identity, his perceived personality (until others know him well) are consciously or subconsciously implicated or associated with his name.

You can find out what your Chinese name (or that of your friend) means. As there are several word that sound the same, you need to identify the precise Chinese character. Click on a alphabet according to how the word is spelt, choose the exact character (The characters are displayed in both simplified and traditional forms).

Not all Chinese could be displayed in the web-page. More information is found in Chapter 2


To have an insight on what your surname or name means, and the ways that the word could be pronounced, please click on an alphabet below to check it out.

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