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The Chinese express words of congratulations publicly when occasions arise. They include "weddings", "opening of business", "election to offices", etc.

These sayings could be advertised in newspapers, or they could be written on scrolls, plaques and greeting cards. They could be displayed permanently in premises such as offices, clinics, restaurants, homes, etc.

Certain phrases and sayings are used more common­ly than others, depending on occasions. These sayings are often seen on plaques in businesses, homes, etc.

Traditional characters, rather than simplified ones, are normally used. A variety of type fonts are used for the following writings. Note that it is extremely difficult to provide precise and “true to the spirit” translations.

The following are examples of how congratulations are expressed, depending on the occasion.



Loving and living together for a hundred years


Two loving hearts resonating on each other

Appointment to office:


Bringing prosperity to the people

For the country, for the people



Thriving and flourishing business

Business flourishing by the day

Birthday for the elderly: (These two are commonly expressed together)


Live as long as the Mountain in the South


Blessed as the Oceans of the East


More information could be found in Chapter seven of the book

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